Launching USFX

Creating sound effects requires good source material and packing up my gear heading out into the field is something I really enjoy. It’s also good for me to get some fresh air and “away-time” from my otherwise very computer oriented activities such composing, sound design, and asset/game/web development.

I don’t have a quiet recording, or “foley”, room yet but that is something I plan to build in the garage in the near future. A quiet room with a lot of reverb-reducing acoustic absorbants takes some planning and funding to pull off so at this stage I try to gather a lot of outdoor sounds.

Recording Outdoors

Finding quiet outdoor locations close to civilization is not an easy task. The microphones are really sensitive and they will pick up sounds from miles away, especially when recording subtle and quiet sounds which requires the gain to be cranked way up. I’ve thought of locations only to get there and find out it wasn’t as quiet as I thought it would be. Waves from the baltic sea that isn’t even visible, cars driving on a road so far away you could have sworn it shouldn’t be audible, barking dogs at a farm, birds tweeting, and so on.

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