Video of recording the Steam Train

Last week I recorded an old steam train that goes between Dalhem and Roma on the Swedish island of Gotland. I was there on a holiday trip with my family but I took the opportunity to go to the train twice to perform some recording for Universal Sound FX.

Today I put together a video that demonstrates some of what goes into recording the audio (which is later mastered and sound designed before making it to the library):

Version 1.2 Released: 497 new sound effects added

Today I released a new version of Universal Sound FX adding another 497 sound effects increasing the grand total to 3585 high quality sound effects. Some of the new sound effects include audience clapping and cheering, impacts, elevators, foley, mechanics, monsters, swords, energy beams, weapons, steam train, motorcycles, chainsaws, tools, glass, fireworks, paper and books, animal and insects. USFX_NewInVersion1.2.PDF provides a detailed listing of the newly added sound effects. You can also get the full listing PDF which also highlights the new effects added in version 1.2 in orange: USFX_FileListing.PDF